Reasons why businesses still use fax


The use of fax might seem old-fashioned for many businesses, but it is still acceptable worldwide. Many businesses still trust the use of fax despite the availability of other methods of like email. However, it is now possible to use email and fax at the same time. The combination of fax and email improves the efficiency of the process of sending a fax. You need to learn how to fax with Gmail e-mail. The process of sending a fax and is simple and very easy to learn.

Why businesses still prefer fax

It is secure

One thing that you must admit about fax is the fact that it is secure. The information that you sent to the receiver without any interruption during transmission. When sending sensitive information, the best way to do it is through fax. Unlike an email that can be hacked or manipulated, fax is a secure way of sending information. The reason why fax is secure is that the information is sent through a public switched telephone network. In case there is an interruption in the sending of fax, then it will fail.


Worldwide Reach

If you want to send information to remote areas, then the use of fax is the way to go. With the use of fax, you will be sure that the information that you send will reach even in areas where there is a slow internet. In case you don’t have any reliable communication through the internet then fax will serve your business well.

Legally accepted

The use of fax is legally accepted as a method that can be legally binding. Lawyers will accept documents which have been sending by fax because they are secure. These are documents that can be used in legal transaction locally and internationally. Using fax to send information that might be legally binding is the best way to do it. Emails might not be used in a legal transaction, but fax is always well secured and legally binding.


Easy to confirm receipt

When you compare other methods of sending information like the use of email with fax, you will realize that fax is easy to monitor. With the use of fax, it is easy to monitor the fax and determine whether the information has been received. On the other hand, it is difficult to determine whether the reader has received an email every time you sent.