xtreme DJ brings to your event the absolute best sound and lighting equipment available! Whether your event is for 20 people or 1,000 people, Extreme DJ will provide a high quality sound system perfectly suited for the event and for the setting.

Our DJ systems are comprised of professional components, neatly installed in clean, attractive flight cases. Our setup is compact and all cables are either hidden from view or securely taped down to ensure safety and low visibility.

We bring back-up equipment to every occasion, to ensure that if any problems should occur, there will be no interruption in the music.

Our most compact setup requires no more than eight feet of space and will easily provide enough sound for a party of about 200 people. This setup works best when centered in the room. A Wireless Mic and basic lighting system is included with this system.

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For events of more than 200 guests, we recommend the deluxe setup, which includes additional speakers on tripods to ensure maximum sound distribution equally throughout the room. This set-up is also best when the room set-up does not permit or is inappropriate for center-stage for the D.J. A Wireless Mic and basic lighting system is included with this system. (Click picture to enlarge)

Our elite setup is a comprehensive entertainment package that includes additional speakers and a lighting system that will be sure to get the guests out on the dance floor. This system utilizes about 12 feet of space but will be sure to make your event a memorable one.

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Our basic sound equipment includes:

Speakers by JBL and EV

Amps by QSC Audio and Crest Audio

CD Players by Denon and Numark

Wireless Mics by Shure

Mixers by Rane, Numark and Denon
* Professional stage lighting can also be added to your special occasion to liven up the party experience.

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